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The A-Z West Wagon Station Encampment Residency is run by artist, Andrea Zittel adjacent to her home and studio in Joshua Tree of the Southern Mojave desert in California.

My partaking in this two-week residency was part-funded by Roscommon County Council.

Residents at A-Z West are offered the opportunity to present work as part of High Desert Test Sites (HDTS) at the Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley. 

High Desert Test Sites is a non-profit organization that supports intimate and immersive experiences and exchanges between artists, critical thinkers, and general audiences – challenging all to expand their definition of art to take on new areas of relevancy. HDTS.


Hi! Desert

HDTS HQ, Sky Village Swap Meet, Saturday 29 April 2017

Featuring: The Circular Conversation Game of Ideals - Collaborative project with Lucy Bowen - Open-ended conversation of questions and answers between anonymous participants. 

The Circular Conversation Game of Ideals, Lucy Bowen and Lorna Hayden HDTS A-Z West
Occupying Wagon Station 02, A-Z West, design by Andrea Zittel
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